Type design, works for exhibitions or competitions, experiments and custom software tools we developed.

Neue Kabel

Marc Schütz redesigned the legendary geometric typeface Kabel by Rudolf Koch from the 1920s. The typeface family was released on Monotype. Watch the interview to learn about the design of Neue Kabel.


For a typography exhibition at the Museum for Applied Art Frankfurt we created a series of video clips of letterforms being manipulated by multiple and custom built devices.


Download the free font and watch all 26 videos on the website.


Frankfurt Logo Competition

Winner of a logo design competition for the city of Frankfurt, Germany.

Lettermaker / SCRIPTMAKER

Custom software that simulates handwriting. The software consists of two apps. The letterforms are made with Lettermaker, the text is set within Scriptmaker.


Netlabel in cooperation with Schultzschultz until 2009. For each release an individual cover was scripted. Schultzschultz was responsible for the appearance of the label since 2004.


Conceptual geometric typeface family inspired by the basic display settings of raw digital paths.


Multiple Sans

Book on the theory of integrative type design. The book and specimens serve as proof of concept and were set with the Multiple Sans typeface which was designed following the rules of integral type design.



CUSTOM software

We often develop design ideas that can’t be realized using any conventional software. So we write our own scripts and apps in order to get the job done. Sometimes it starts with an experiment and grows into a tool that we use on projects.


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