type design


Custom and retail typefaces created for specific projects.

Neue Kabel

Marc Schütz redesigned the legendary geometric typeface Kabel by Rudolf Koch from the 1920s. The typeface family was released on Monotype. Watch the interview to learn about the design of Neue Kabel.

Purchase the Typeface via Linotype

Activate directly in Adobe Fonts



Conceptual geometric typeface family inspired by the basic display settings of raw digital paths. Comes as a family of 46 styles and as Variable Font.

Purchase the Typeface via MyFonts


Corporate typeface for the design agency Atelier Markgraph. Drawn as 2 families, regular and bold, each 9 optical sizes, following the concept of Ligne Claire, which means the stem thickness of the letters appears equal in all font sizes. The logotype itself can react to sound and turn into a dynamic shape via a custom written program.

Multiple Sans

Book on the theory of integrative type design. The book and specimens serve as proof of concept and were set with the Multiple Sans typeface which was designed following the rules of integral type design.